Western Oregon, with its famously mild climate, is a fantastic place to grow your own food. Plant peas, lettuce or broccoli as early as late February for a spring crop or summer crop. Plant again in July for a fall crop.


You can grow tender summer vegetables because we have a long enough season for them to ripen well before we have our first fall frost. Visit us in April or May to find the best selection of tomato plants that you have ever seen


We Oregonians can also grow fantastic fruiting plants such as world-famous strawberries, blueberries and many more. If you buy fruiting bare-root plants in February or March you can save money and get a jump on the season.


Most herbs used in cooking have their beginnings in the Mediterrean region, whose climate is very much like western Oregon’s: mild, wet winters and long dry summers. You can grow every commonly used culinary herb here, and most of them are perennials, returning year after year.

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